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Organic farming and credibility

Reservation never existed whether Michael Mohr Jensen saw himself as an organic farmer. Organic farming uses a gentle cultivation system, which bears in mind both people and nature and contributes to secure that we have something to pass on to future generations. 30 years of experience as an organic vegetable grower gives Michael a firm earthbound focus on plants and breeding.

The fulcrum of the product development is a curiosity and focus on a life with a balanced body and soul. Herrens Mark gives continuously attention to the quality of the product, which regularly is tested on laboratories, alongside our collaboration with a wide range of scientists and specialists. As a customer, you are guaranteed a pure product – from herb to carton.

Herrens Mark received the prize for Health Product of the Year and Health Food Store of the Year in 2014 and the reasons behind the appointment were:

  • High quality of raw material
  • Nice sales
  • Good effect
  • A well thought through product as a liquid
  • Danish production
  • Organic